Miron glass for CBD

Miron glass for CBD

We know businesses put a lot of thought into their packaging – from cost, to visuals, packaging plays an important role in getting products to market, and being sold. But – not many businesses take into consideration what kind of ramifications packaging can have on the product itself; especially when it comes to CBD products.

At Greenleaf Processing, we understand how much you need to think about packaging – and your product.

Conscious of our carbon footprint, we make our decisions based on sustainable and ethical values. Our biggest concern though, is the CBD product. Speaking with one client who was also concerned with the longevity of her oils, as well as her own carbon footprint, we began to investigate the use of alternative bottles for oils.

Working alongside Sweet Pink CBD, we began to investigate Miron glass as an alternative to the standard tincture glass and how it would make a difference to the range of whole plant CBD oils provided.


What is Miron glass?

A bio-photonics glass, the ultra-violet hue protects the most important ingredients within the CBD tincture from natural light. Why?

Protecting the inner product from light can prevent the product from ageing, expanding the lifespan – and quality – of the oil. Completely blocking the penetration of light, the glass also ensures it is permeable to infrared radiation.

The vibrational frequency of the violet is approximately 720-billion Hertz. This is the same vibrational frequency of our bodies central nervous system. So, we can be sure that not only are we protecting the product – we’re protecting what you put into your body.


Is Miron glass important for packaging?

In a word, yes. Miron glass technology is decisive for CBD product performance. Without it, the exposure to sunlight can change the product inside, from the molecular structure to the energising benefits.

There are two types of light we need to think about – light which causes bacteria within the product to grow rapidly and develop a higher potential for performance, and light which shortens the lifespan of the oil. Miron glass prevents the second type of light seeping through.

Infrared wavelengths energise and preserve the structure of water crystals. Biophotonic research has shown the molecular and chemical composition in food products is significantly more protected, over the use of clear glass types.

By using Miron glass for your CBD tinctures, you can be sure to energise the product inside, protect against harmful rays of light and ensure your companies carbon footprint is in the green – Miron glass is 100% recyclable.


At Greenleaf Processing, we’re confident in our range of CBD products and formulas. We can give you peace of mind, by having your products tested, certified and labelled correctly. Oh, and we will also assist you with the Novel Foods Application.

Our array of raw ingredients – and our state-of-the-art facility – means we can assist you through production and design.

Get in touch with our team to find out more, or to begin your new White Label CBD journey.