GreenLeaf Processing has a number of high-profile clients that we provide a vast array of services to. We also ensure small, start-up businesses have an equal opportunity to build and grow on successful platforms to thrive in the still new and emerging CBD industry. We cultivate our own biomass to create extracts with. Each plant is lovingly nurtured throughout its life and treated with the utmost respect. We do not use any pesticides or harmful chemicals throughout the growing process and only use natural products where needed. Quality plants to begin the process ensures we can boast unrivalled quality in the finished products.

Once the plants are grown and harvested, we have a number of ways which we extract cannabinoids from them. We favour two methods in particular, one being super critical CO2 and the other being the rosin technique. We believe the rosin technique to be superior for extracting cannabinoids and preserving terpenes and flavonoids.

Verified by regular external third party laboratory testing

After the extraction process has been determined and carried out the extracts are vigorously analysed to establish cannabinoid content by our in house analytical team, these are verified by regular external third party laboratory testing for validation of our results and methods.

Our formulations experts liaise with our clients to establish products that best suit their customer’s needs. When developing new products our clients are consulted and updated every step of the way as the product is brought to life.

Once the product is into the manufacturing phase, certificates of analysis are produced to further enforce client and customer confidence.

GreenLeaf processing can also offer a full turnkey operation where our design, printing and packaging experts can advise on how best to make your product stand out in the marketplace and as such boast extremely competitive pricing.